PROJECTS > Wurm-Haus Unit - Home Micro Farm, 2010


For over a year I have been investigating and developing different micro architectural structures (small farms) for the edible mealworm, a high protein and low cost food source. These pictures show the history of this project. Wurm-Haus was presented as an installation showcasing three micro-architectures and invites the public to acquire a small growing unit to learn to raise and care for their own worms as well as cook yummy meals with them.

Wurm-Haus centers on the notion of modern mechanization and industrialization of food production and the position of the artist and industry. The ideas behind this project depart from the history of urban architecture and by the works of Peter Behrens, Le Corbusier and the abstract forms of industrial silos, granaries and warehouses. The focus was on the humanist aproach of the Bauhaus “Design for Living” and as an opposed posture towards contemporary agriculture and the practices of large-scale factory farms.